For Blended Frozen Desserts,
Shakes and Smoothies and Much More!

For over 20 years Resfab has been supplying our yogurt
and ice cream blending technology around the world.
Based on direct field related experience, our
Engineering Team continuously makes improvement
 to our technology.

Today we are proud to say that we offer the best equipment
of this type in the world, and we pride ourselves on
the durability and reliability of our product.

  • Ergonomic Arm:
    The ergonomically designed arm makes the blending process very easy.
  • Heavy Duty construction:
    Built to last, all internal moving parts are made out of stainless steel, with spring washer spacers to avoid friction. Unlike those made out of aluminum which require frequent replacement, our system is designed to last many years.
  • Best Auger:
    Our auger starts off as solid stainless steel cylinder and is machined with hi-precision equipment to insure the perfect balance. It has a smooth finish which simplifies rinsing and is much more sanitary than cast augers, which are porous and retain bacteria.
  • High Quality Bearings:
    The The cone carrier has industrial Teflon linear bearings to insure reliability. These high quality industrial grade bearings will last indefinitely, without requiring lubrication, compared to a brass sleeve that needs daily lubrication and will wear after a few years.


  • Sanitation Prioritized:
    The Sanitation is very important. Our unique bearing housing covers all mechanical parts to avoid rust, and to minimize the wear and tear on our components. The bearing housing also has an integrated double jet rinse system to facilitate rinsing between batches.
  • Unique Rinse Valve Design:
    Our unique mechanical rinse valve, designed by Resfab’s Engineering Team is built to last, compared to an electric valve that will have to be replaced more frequently due to occasional contact with water.
  •  Safety Features:
    Resfab takes Safety issues very seriously!
    • An integrated water-proof Safety Switch cuts power to the unit once the front panel is removed avoiding the potential for severe injuries.
    • The main electric box is completely sealed and waterproof. All the wires going through the box are sealed with a tight rubber grommet to avoid any possibility of injury or damage due to electric shock caused by water seeping into the box.
  • Anti-splashing Water-tray:
    Our newly designed water-tray was specially design to avoid water splashing on the counter when rinsing between batches.
  • Unique Extrusion Slide Matrix: (see our video)
    Our unique optional extrusion slide matrix opens and closes as required to help make delicious shakes and smoothies, along with the original blended desserts.
  • High Quality Control:
    Each unit goes through very intensive Quality Control procedures, including a high voltage dielectric test which makes certain that all connections are solid and secure. A QC data sheet is completed for each unit and used to track equipment, and upon completion a label is stamped to approve the unit for packaging authorization.



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