SKU: PO-76-929FP1000
  • When you need to slice, julienne, shred, grate, mix, puree, chop, or dice large quantities of food on a daily basis, the Waring FP1000 Cuisinart 2.5 qt. continuous feed food processor is the right tool for the job!

    With both a vertical feed attachment and continuous feed chute, the Waring Cuisinart FP1000 offers the benefits of a batch bowl processor and continuous feed processor all in one unit!

    Use the batch bowl for smaller jobs. The processor's vertical chute is U shaped and has a length of 4 1/2" and a width of 2 1/2" which allows you to keep a variety of foods feeding to the batch bowl. Once the 2.5 qt. polycarbonate batch bowl is full, just empty the bowl, and start your next processing job! A clear bowl cover makes it easy to see when the batch bowl is full.

    Use the continuous feed attachment for your larger jobs. The continuous feed attachment eliminates the need to empty the batch bowl once full, by feeding the processed product out of the batch bowl and into your ingredient bowls or storage bins. The Waring Cuisinart FP1000's 2 hp heavy duty, high performance commercial grade motor will make lightning fast work of your processing jobs whether in the batch bowl, or using the continuous feed attachment.

    Don't worry, even with all these features the Waring FP1000 Cuisinart 2.5 qt. continuous feed food processor is easy to use. There are just two large paddle controls: "On/Off" and "Pulse." The food processor is set up with a safety interlock system, which prevents the unit from operating unless correctly assembled. A safety reset button prevents the unit from overload.

    Once you're done, the Waring FP1000 Cuisinart cleans up easily. All blades and accessory discs are removable and dishwasher-safe, as are the batch bowl, cover, and food pushers.

    With the Waring FP1000 Cuisinart continuous feed food processor, you'll get heaps of accessories right out of the box: a standard serrated S-blade, a 5/32" slicing disc, a 3/16" shredding disc, a 1/4" julienne disc, a food pushers, and a handy 3/8" dicing assembly.

    Backed by a 5 year motor and 2 year parts & labor manufacturer's warranty, the Waring FP1000 Cuisinart continuous feed food processor is a great choice for your high volume processing needs. NSF Listed.

    Overall Dimensions:
    Width: 10"
    Depth: 12 1/2"
    Height: 19"

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