Vollrath 40810 External Strip Vacuum Packaging Machine (Anvil VMA7200)

SKU: PO-76-120VMA720011
  • -Extend life of perishables 3 to 5 times
    -Save money by buying perishables in quantity
    -Save time by working ahead in slow times

    • This Vollrath 40810 stainless steel external strip vacuum packaging machine is a great investment and an easy way to cut food costs.
    • The Vollrath 40810 has a simple push-button operation.
    • This vacuum sealer is 450W, 110V and 60HZ.
    • The Vollrath 40810 measures 14"W x 11 1/2"D x 6 3/8"H in the back and 2 3/4"H in the front.
    • The sealing beam on the Vollrath 40810 measures 12 3/4"L.
    • The warranty on the Vollrath 40810 is one year against defects of construction and/or defects if components.
    • The Vollrath 40810 works with external strip vacuum packaging bags.