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SKU: PO-75-1110-1001
  • For frappes, frozen coffees, granitas, margarita, daiquiri, non-alcoholic beverages, ice cream signature drinks, smoothies, whole fruit & vegetable drinks, ice cream & yoghurt smoothies, and more….

    Chop or grind small or large quantities as needed, from nuts to tomatoes.

    All Stainless Steel enclosed blade assembly with sealed ball bearings.

    Specially designed clear 48oz polycarbonate container.

    Blends as little as 4oz with the same consistency and quality as a full load.

    Metal to metal drive coupling for high speed production.

    Variable speed control allows you to process a wide range of foods at precisely the right speed.

    Thermally protected motor prevents burnout by temporarily shutting down. Easy to clean front panel has moisture shielded switches.

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