SKU: PO-200-39716
  • Undercounter High Temp Dishwasher

    • Hi Temp Boiler 3000w

    • Door opening: 14” / 360mm

    • Double skin door

    •Washing pump: IP44

    • Standard tank and boiler thermometer

    • Standard draining pump

    • Standard detergent pump

    • Standard rinsing thermodetector

    •3 washing cycle (1,2,3 min)

    • Proof rinse feature ensures propersanitized rinse cycle temperature

    •Low maintenance, heavy duty, allcorrosion resistant, 304 SS

    • Thermal protection for wash and tank booster

    • Fits standard dishwasher racks

    • Fits standard dishwasher racks


    RACK  Size: 20” x 20”

    Capacity:  Booster Tank: 6L / Wash Tank: 35L

    Racks per Hour: 60

    Dishes per Hour: 1080

    Power:   3.6 kW

    Electrical: 208-240V/60hz

    Hot Water Requirements:  .5” GPC (2LPC) 50°C/120.5°F

    Water Pressure Requirements:  30-72 PSI

    Door Clearance:  14”

    Dimensions: 24”D x 23”W x 32”H