Model NGO


Product Details

  • Combines convection heating with microwave technology to provide quick and even cooking
  • Dual motors for vertically recirculated air impingement means quick, even heating
  • Powerful top-launched microwave system
  • Stirrer ensures proper distribution of air and microwave heat
  • Catalytic converter neutralizes grease-laden vapors for ventless operation
  • External air filtration protects internal components from grease buildup
  • LED timer counts down the last 30 sec. of cooking cycle for user convenience


  • Smart menu system stores 256 recipes
  • Firmware can be updated via Smart Card
  • Self-diagnostics monitor oven performance and components ensure all systems are working correctly
  • Safe to use with metal pans
  • Comes with 1 bottle of oven cleaner, 1 bottle of oven guard, 2 trigger sprayers, 2 solid aluminum pans, and 1 aluminum paddle
  • Ideal wall clearances: 5 in. on top and 1 in. on sides
  • CE approved; cULus and UL-EPH listed; ANSI/NSF 4 certified


Turbo Chef Rapid Cook Oven - made 2017

SKU: PO-308-1019-65