Made by Hobart

Stero Manufacturing

Model: SD3

Machine - 208 240 volt - 24.9 amps - 3 phase

Booster - 208 240 volt - 45.5 amps - 8.5 kilowatts



urability and simplicity are at the heart of Stero door-type dish-machine engineering. From installation to day-to-day operation and dishmachine preventative maintenance, these units are reliable and easy for your operators to use.All stainless steel construction, interchangeable upper and lower rinse arms, door actuated starts and large scrap accumulators are just some of the features you’ll enjoy with Stero door-type dishmachines. Available in both high and low temperature models, Stero offers flexibility to varying infrastructure needs.

Stero High Temp Pass Thur Dishwasher

SKU: BM-0919-7311