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SKU: PO-76-793G14Y
  • The Star G14-Y Galaxy 14 oz. popcorn popper represents a top-line blend of utility and style, featuring an attractive Euro-inspired design and etched glass sides with durable, heavy-duty aluminum posts and a plexiglass door for long-lasting strength. The Galaxy G14-Y comes with an easy-dispensing 14 oz. kettle design and a stainless steel "old maid" drawer to allow you to quickly remove unpopped kernels. With a popping capacity of 280 one ounce servings per hour, it also has the power to keep up with high-demand, fast-paced snack locations.

    For easy operation, the popper's control panel includes two switches for separate operation of the kettle heat (top switch), as well as the heat lamp and corn deck (bottom switch). UL and NSF Listed. CSA Listed (240V only). Choose voltage.

    Overall Dimensions:
    Width: 28 1/8"
    Depth: 24 1/8"
    Height: 35 1/2"

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