Because the Star DT14 double conveyor toaster combines two toasters into one, you can toast two different bread products simultaneously, at an output of up to 1,000 slices per hour! Ideal for any operation that requires a high output but is tight on space, the DT14 takes up less than 20" of counter space!

Star's exclusive forced convection system recirculates pre-heated air into the toasting chamber, helping to keep the exterior cool to the touch, while also extending the lifespan of critical components and increasing productivity. Variable speed and top/bottom heat controls on each conveyor belt, plus independent, easy to use control panel allow you to achieve the perfect color and texture of breads, English muffins, and even bagels.

These independent controls also help you conserve energy during less busy times, since you can shut one toaster off. When you turn the toaster back on, its quartz elements return to full power in seconds, to meet the rush, compared to minutes for traditional metal heating elements in competitors' models.

The top toaster features an 8" extended load up area, with a product entry opening that adjusts from 1" to 2 1/4" high. The bottom toaster boasts a 6" load up area, with a fixed 1 3/4" high product entry opening. A heated holding area keeps finished toast hot and ready to serve. The Star DT14 double conveyor toaster is UL Listed. Choose Voltage.


SKU: PO-76-793DT14

  • Dimensions:
    19 1/2" Left to Right
    22 1/2" Front to Back
    24 1/16" High
    1 to 2/14" Product Opening for Top
    1 3/4" Product Opening for Bottom
    14" Belt Width