SKU: PO-76-793QCS31000A
  • Dimensions:
    18 1/2" Left to Right
    22 3/8" Front to Back
    15 5/8" High
    1 1/2" Product Opening
    14" Wide Belt


    Thanks to fast-heating quartz infrared heating elements, the Star QCS3-1000A conveyor toaster can produce up to 1000 slices per hour with ease and consistency! Star's exclusive forced convection system recirculates pre-heated air into the toasting chamber, helping to keep the exterior cool to the touch, while also extending the lifespan of critical components and increasing productivity.

    The Star QCS3-1000A conveyor toaster features a compact 18 1/2" wide footprint, and thanks to the forced convection system, it can even be placed against a wall--competitors' toasters have vent louvers that require additional clearance! Variable speed and top/bottom heat controls on the easy to use control panel allow you to achieve the perfect color and texture of breads, English muffins, and even bagels. The conveyor toaster's power saver switch reduces energy consumption by up to 75% during off peak hours, and once you deactivate the power saver mode, the quartz elements return to full power in seconds, compared to minutes for traditional metal elements!

    Packed with convenience and safety features, this conveyor toaster boasts a safe loading area with a full width burn guard, and a large, heated warming area to help maintain high production levels. A "smart" crumb tray keeps bread crumbs from falling underneath the toaster, and a Hi-limit switch protects critical components from overheating. The Star QCS3-1000A conveyor toaster is UL Listed. Choose voltage.