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Countertop cheese warmer

Forced air convection

208 volts - 3120 watts


The unit was used for one day



Melting cheese on top of an eggplant parmigiana or on enchiladas, or crisping up bread crumb toppings on macaroni and cheese, finishes off these dishes properly and beautifully. However, if you have to do it in an oven in a busy restaurant kitchen during a lunch or dinner rush, it might never get done because other menu items require longer baking times. It would be efficient to have an appliance that is created specifically for the purpose of melting, finishing, and warming or reheating.


The Star-Max Finishing Oven is just the piece of equipment to get the job done.

The Star-Max cheese melter can melt cheese just as effectively as an oven, but without the wear and tear. Forced convection means that heat is evenly distributed throughout the appliance. Quartz infrared elements aid in melting and finishing, as well as decreasing cooking times. Adjustable shelves let you determine which position would allow your dishes to fit properly inside. When looking for an easy way to brown the top of mashed potatoes or melt the Swiss cheese on a crock of French Onion soup, consider using the Star-Max Cheese Melter Finishing Oven.


Model 524SBA


Four quartz infrared elements provide faster, more consistent heating than metal elements, and the unit's 6 shelf positions allow precise height adjustment for finishing entrees. The Star Max 524SBA two plate finishing oven is energy efficient too, with a power-saver function that reduces energy consumption. Please consult the Specification Sheet for additional details. The Star Max 524SBA heavy duty cheese melter is UL and CE Listed.

Width: 30"
Depth: 16 1/2"
Height: 19 1/8"
Product Opening: 23" x 14"



Star cheese melter 30 - used once - l - Save big money here...- Free shipping

SKU: BM-0219-6390
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