• NEW WATER DISTRIBUTOR: Increases resistance against scale build up. Easily removable and cleanable.


    INLET WATER CONNECTION THROUGH EVAPORATOR: Helps to harvest; precools water; assists energy recovery.


    SEAL-LESS PUMP OUTSIDE ICE ZONE ELECTROMECHANICAL CONTROLS: The machine works with electromechanical timer and thermostats. Simple, easy to comprehend and service. High reliability and low maintenance expense.


    DUAL SWITCH: External switch allows to turn the machine on/off easily. Removing the top cover, we have the ice/wash switch on one side of the electrical box.


    STRONG INOX FRAME. 304 STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Box-type frame with stainless steel supports, makes the machine stronger and allows servicing operation without disassembling the entire machine.


    EASY ACCESS FOR SERVICE AND INSTALLATION: Designed to have better access to all components making installation and servicing operations easier. One person can disassemble the entire machine with a basic screwdriver.


    FRONT VENTILATION: Condensing unit permits 100% front ventilation, air inflow and outflow through the front grill, thus permitting embedded installation.


    INSULATED STORAGE BIN: Storage bin with polyurethane foam insulation gives higher rigidity with lower heat transmission. Isolated but not refrigerated bins. Tight closing of stainless steel door helps maintain ice storage longevity.


    OPERATING LIMITS: Tropicalized machines (Class T); Suitable for low temperature environments of 41° (5°C) Air and Water and high temperature environments of 109⁰F (43⁰C) (Air), 95°F (35°C) (Water) Water pressure: Min. 10 psi. (0.7 bar.)/ Max. 85 psi. (6 bar.).


    NOTE: Install a pressure reducer if water inlet pressure is more than 85 psi. (6 bar.).


    ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS: 115V/60Hz./1 - Fuse Size 15 - Nema Plug Type 5-15P. Also available 208-230V/60Hz. - 220V/50Hz. (Special order only. Restrictions may apply. Contact dealer for details.)


    MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT: SPIKA Series are Energy Star® qualified machines, reducing water and electricity consumption. WARRANTY: 36 months parts and labor + 24 additional months parts on compressor and evaporator. Valid in the U.S. and Canada. Contact for warranty in other countries.