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Restaurant exhaust fanf grease containment system -c/w two cartriges

SKU: RX-0716-
  • Grease Ender II ™ 

    Restaurant Exhaust Fan Grease Containment System

    Eliminates Rooftop Cooking Grease Overflow

    Our Patentable Hinged Containment Box keeps the lid attached 

    No more displaced lids damaging the roof

    Replace the "Mighty Mite II" filter cartridge

    by providing one to your hood cleaner at each fan cleaning.

    This offering is for the containment box and Two

    (Five Inch by Eighteen Inch) filter cartridges ( absorbs approximately 160 oz. )

    These cartridges capture ( FOG ) fats, oil and grease but dispel water and steam.

    Mount the box just below the exhaust hood on the curb. 

    Mounting it on the fan directly will cause damage to the box when the hood is raised for cleaning!!

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