Reist Popcorn 50 lb. Bulk Bag of Hi Pop Mushroom Popcorn Kernels

    • rofitable menu item
    • Produces large, yellow popcorn
    • Mushroom-style popcorn is great for glazes and coatings
    • 50 lb. bulk supply
    • Non-GMO popcorn
    • Made in the USA


    These Reist Popcorn Hi Pop kernels produce delicious-tasting, mushroom-style popcorn that will keep your customers coming back for more! In contrast to butterfly-style popcorn, mushroom popcorn is denser and more compact. This mushroom popcorn's large size offers more surface area for coatings and glazes to stick to. Since mushroom popcorn does not include any breakable "wings" like butterfly popcorn, it holds up well against stirring and coating processes. It's the popcorn of choice for caramel corn and kettle corn, and it can be used to add gourmet glazes for decadent, sweet popcorn treats!

    These kernels deliver a consistent product each and every time. Simply follow the instructions on your countertop or freestanding popcorn machine to properly prepare. When popped, these kernels feature traditional yellow color that will grab your customers' attention, ensure high-volume output, and maximize profits! Popcorn is the perfect light snack that your customers can munch on all throughout the day. Whether it is seasoned with sweet or savory flavorings or used with traditional salt and butter toppings, popcorn is sure to boost impulse sales and delight your guests of all ages! This non-GMO popcorn is grown in the USA.

    Sold in a 50 lb. bag.

    Kernel Details: 
    Expansion Rate: 37
    Moisture Content: 14.30%
    Kernel Size: 52 K/10g



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