Introduced in 1991, FibraMent is a patented baking deck for commercial gas and electric ovens. Replace those old cement asbestos boards and ceramic baking decks with FibraMent, and taste the difference!


We can customize your needs or you can choose form ready to go stone inventory




Also stones including round for home, barbeque and even commecial convection ovens




FibraMent is tested and certified by NSF International, the widely recognized and respected independent certification organization for public health and safety.


Custom and stock sizes are available in thicknesses to 2" and plate sizes to 48" x 80".



The oven's walls, ceiling and baking surfaces are lined with FibraMent Baking Stones

The finished product,

thanks to FibraMent

Baking Stones

FibraMent improves the baking properties of refurbished deck ovens FibraMent Baking Stones extend the life of used ovens
Perfect Pizzas! FibraMent provides balanced bottom heat. Dough and toppings bake evenly with the FibraMent Baking Stone.


FibraMent Baking Stone Highlights


  • Even heat transfer obtained from superior temperature uniformity.
  • Quick recovery time. Heats 28% faster than ceramic baking stones.
  • Long lasting strength and durability
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • An ideal cooking surface for Chicago-style deep dish and New York-style thin crust pizza
  • The perfect baking surface for bagels, bread, pretzels, and other bakery goods
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses
  • Stock and custom sizes available for all ovens


Physical Properties

• Density, Dry

131 lbs. per cubic foot

• Moisture Content

6-10% of dry weight

• Thermal Conductivity, K

6.52 BTU In./hr. sq ft./°F per ASTM C177


• Compressive Strength

10.630 psi per ASTM C109

• Flexural Strength, MOR

1,535 psi per ASTM C78

• Heat Capacity


• Temperature Limit, Continuous Use



These figures are average values obtained in accordance with accepted test methods. They are supplied as a technical service and are subject to change without notice.


Learn more about this exciting product designed for use in convection ovens.


What our customers say …

I have used your 18 inch x 24 inch stone for quite some time in my larger oven. The results have always been superb. I have used other brands of stone too before I found Fibrament-D, but they were inferior to yours.

— Shirley T., California
I love the stone. I am a bread baker and often bake free for loaves and ciabatta and baguettes directly on the stone. It really helps to keep the heat distributed evenly.
— Tom D.


  • Please send us the quantity for each size you wish to order.



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