Knight pass thru dishwasher - low temp

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  • KLE-175 GT Commercial Dishmachine
    Upright Dishmachine

    Performance is everything in a busy kitchen and your customers depend on reliable dishmachines that will not breakdown.


    Knight sets the standard for warewash technology with our high quality, attractively priced, low energy GT dishmachine line – which is unquestionably the best value in the industry. The KLE-175 GT upright commercial dishmachine is quality engineered and manufactured with field proven parts and materials.


    The KLE-175 GT dishmachine deliver consistent, high pressure cleaning power with a 1 HP high efficiency motor and advanced recirculating pump with open impeller.


    Other value-added features include: microprocessor control with four cycle time selections, chemical feed pumps with exclusive long life squeeze tubes, high performance upper and lower spray arms, #304 stainless steel construction, and more. That's why world-leading chemical suppliers and restaurant equipment distributors chose Knight's dishmachines.

    The KLE-175 GT upright commercial dishmachine can clean up to 46 racks per hour and is perfect for restaurants and fast food operations.


    KLE-175 GT can be configured for straight-through or corner operation. This all-inclusive dishmachine even comes with a convenient water connection point and an electrical supply hook-up terminal for other kitchen chemical dispensers, saving you precious time and space.


    • Straight-Through or Corner Configuration
    • Microprocessor Control with 72, 90, 120 or 360 Second Wash Cycles
    • Built-in Chemical Metering Pumps – Detergent, Sanitizer, Rinse
    • Automatic Start/Stop
    • Convenient Drain/Fill Switch
    • Active Wash Cycle LED Light
    • Water Connection Point for Water Driven Dispensing Systems
    • 14 Gauge #304 Stainless Steel Construction
    • Front or Side Accessible Scrap Trap
    • Open Impeller with Pause Cycle
    • Internal Pump Screen
    • Electronic Dispenser Power Terminal
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