JT Eaton 902 Black Top Load Rodent Bait Station

SKU: PO-76-605JT902BK
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, the JT Eaton 902 black top load bait station has two large entry holes to accommodate mice or rats! Great for large mice infestations, it can be placed on floors or easily mounted to tree limbs, fences, and other fixtures that larger rodents may use to invade your business (mounting hardware not included). A vertical, top-loading bait holder will store 1/2 lb. of JT Eaton Bait Block to lure in mice and other rodents.

    This station's small footprint makes it ideal for indoor use in non-sensitive areas and a baffle system makes it "tamper-resistant," providing added security and protection against curious children or pets.

    See Companion Items for compatible bait. Each station includes bait holder rods, screws to mount the unit, plastic disk nuts, 6 hex keys and 6 poison labels.

    Overall Dimensions
    Height: 11 1/2
    Length: 15 13/16"
    Width: 4" (including crew tab areas and 3" opening for mice and rats)



    Bait blocks sold separately

    Use these JT Eaton  flavored bait blocks for an easy, thorough solution to your mouse and rat control needs! These bait blocks feature a highly palatable apple flavor to lure in unwanted rodents, and a powerful rodenticide for maximum effectiveness. A central hole allows them to be conveniently mounted onto holder rods or secured with wire or nails around your facility.

    Each tamper-evident 9 lb. pail contains (72) 2 oz. blocks, and each block is color-coded red to prevent misuse



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