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  • Easily makes Italian ice

    Added before or during the freezing process

    Great for ice cream shops and concession stands

    Makes profitable frozen treats

    Bulk 1 gallon containers

    Kosher certified

    Neutral color and flavor

    Want to create and sell a signature flavor of Italian ice? Combine special syrups, concentrates, or fruit purees with Fox's neutral Italian ice syrup base for a unique blend that will keep customers coming back for more!


    This syrup base has a dull yellow tint and provides a blank pallet for experimentation with flavor and color. Expand your menu and increase profits by adding exotic flavors like pineapple, mango or kiwi with the traditional taste of strawberry, or cater to coffee lovers by adding hazelnut or cappuccino with chocolate or vanilla flavoring!

    Some believe the Chinese first created it during the age of the ancient emperors; others say originated in Italy, for which it was named. Nero, a Roman emperor, supposedly requested that his wines be chilled.

    When a servant accidentally spilled saltpeter into the ice one day, Italian ice was created. Regardless of the true origin, this ice dessert is certainly something that customers will crave for years to come.

    Similar to sorbet, Italian ice, also called water ice, is dense, flavorful, and made with water, sugar, and juices. Unlike shaved ice or snow cones, flavoring is added before or during the freezing process, which prevents separation and syrup from being left in the bottom of the dish.

    This stand-alone syrup base is intended for use in batch freezers, and has been tailored to slow separation and minimize the risk of crystallization if the product is flash frozen. T

    his means that the refreshment will thaw consistently, have minimal ice chunks, and have a smooth consistency. After simply adding water, mixing, and then freezing, this ice will have a shelf life of 5-7 days. It can be served at 8 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit while still remaining soft.

    This product is Kosher (non-Passover) certified. See the Nutrition Sheet for more information.

    Sold (4) 1 gallon bottles per case.

    What is the difference between an Italian ice, a slushy, and a snow cone?

    An Italian ice, also known as a water ice, is very smooth and its flavoring is mixed into the ice before or during freezing. A slushy, also known as an Icee or granita, typically comes in icy liquid form, and the flavor is added before the freezing process.

    For a crunchier product, snow cones use larger, shaved ice, that is generally flavored at the point of sale.




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