• FLAKE ICE: Humidity 50-60%. The best ice for so many applications.


    SEAFOOD: Supermarkets, Fisheries, Fish Shops, Seafood Restaurants, Boating, Marinas.


    HEALTHCARE & RESEARCH: Hospitals, Laboratories, Universities.


    SPORTS: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Athletics, Swimming, Soccer, Track & Field, Traumas, Pre and Post Training, Spas, Sports Medical Facilities. Rest + Ice + Compression + Elevation Fist Aid Method.


    DRINKS: Soft drinks, Smoothies. I love to chew my ITV’s flake ice! Standard Features


    STRONG MECHANICS: ITV’s unique mechanic design is simple, strong and reliable. It will give a longer life to your flaker, and shorten service times and costs. Oversized gearbox. Patented Auger design for greater longevity of the ice maker.


    SECURITY CONTROLS: The machine is protected to avoid failures caused by gearbox motor temperature, water level, or ice level, besides a defrost time delay.


    ELECTROMECHANICAL CONTROLS: The machine works with electromechanical timer and thermostats. Simple, easy to comprehend and service. High reliability and low maintenance expense.


    EASY ACCESS FOR SERVICE AND INSTALLATION: Designed to have better access to all components making installation and servicing operations easier. One person can disassemble the entire machine with a basic screwdriver.


    OPERATING LIMITS: Tropicalized machines (Class T); Suitable for low temperature environments of 41° (5°C) Air and Water and high temperature environments of 109⁰F (43⁰C) (Air), 95°F (35°C) (Water) Water pressure: Min. 10 psi. (0.7 bar.)/ Max. 85 psi. (6 bar.).


    NOTE: Install a pressure reducer if water inlet pressure is more than 85 psi. (6 bar.).


    ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS: IQ 300 & IQ 500: 115V/60Hz./1 - Fuse Size 15-20 - Nema Plug Type 5-15P. Also available 220V/50Hz. (Special Order Only). IQ 900 & IQ 1300: 208-230V/60Hz/1 or 3. IQ 2700: 208-230V/60Hz/3.


    WARRANTY: 24 months parts and labor + 12 additional months parts on compressor + 36 additional months parts on Auger. Valid in the U.S. and Canada. Contact ITV for warranty in other countries.