This Hobart Hobart 6115-1 Potato Peeler - 15 lb , as you can see from the pictures it is in Good condition it is approx 10 years old well maintained at an excellent price for the right buyer who appreciates it

Peels 15-20 pounds of potatoes in one to three minutes – without even a single complaint! Load after load, the heavy duty design of the Hobart 6115 is specially created to handle the operator’s potato peeling task, day in and day out, allowing your employees to concentrate on other work assignments.


■ 1⁄3 H.P. Motor with Manual Reset Thermal Overload Protection
■ Satin Stainless Steel Finish Housing
■ 4 Minute Timer

■ Removable NSF Lexan Liner
■ Removable 143⁄4" Silicon Carbide Abrasive Disk
■ Stainless Steel Drive Shaft
■ Removable Cam-Type Pressure Lock-In Hopper Door
■ Heavy Duty Molded Polyester Plastic Lock-In Hopper Cover
■ Resilient Buna S Rubber Trim Molding
■ Rear Mounted Water Inlet with 5' Fill Hose
■ Cord and Plug (115/60/1)

Hobart Potato Peeler - super nice condition