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Hobart CLPS86e Dishwasher - 3 years old - very little usage

SKU: PO-257-1216-1
C$42,000.00 Regular Price
C$12,500.00Sale Price
  • Hobart CLPS86E+BUILDUP Description


    Conveyor Dishwasher, two tank with a Power Scrapper,

    342 racks/hour, insulated hinged doors,

    .39 gallon/rack,

    SST enclosure panels,

    With Low Temperature & Dirty Water Indicators,


    Approximatley 3 years old.

    Came from Church kitchen -

    Conveyor goes right to left


    Standard Features:

    ■ 342 racks per hour

    ■ Opti-RinSe™ system

    ■ Patent Pending Rapid Return Conveyor Drive Mechanism

    ■ Insulated hinged double doors with door interlock switches

    ■ Patent Pending Door Seal System

    ■ 19.5 inch chamber height opening

    ■ Top mounted micro-processer control module

    ■ Energy saver mode

    ■ Dirty water indicator

    ■ Low temperature alert

    ■ Conveyor dwell

    ■ Delime notification

    ■ Service diagnostics

    ■ NAFEM Data Protocol compliant

    ■ Patent Pending Computational Fluid Dynamic Designed Self-Aligning Wash Manifolds

    ■ Stainless steel debossed anti-clogging wash arms

    ■ Patent Pending Removable Integrated Pump Intake Screen

    ■ Stainless steel self-draining pumps and impellers

    ■ Single, sloping scrap screen and deep basket

    ■ Stainless panels enclose perimeter and bottom

    ■ Door actuated drain closure

    ■ Single point electrical connection

    ■ Convertible hot water or low temp final rinse

    ■ Vent fan and booster heater control

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