• 100% Pre-Tested Electrical Assembly- Plub into any standard 110 outlet “Proof/humidity” mode: Up to 95% RH at 110°F (43°C) “Heat” mode: Maximum Temperatures up to 180°F (82°C)
  •  Clear door, extruded, anodized aluminum frame will not dull.
  • A tight fit gasket is installed on the inside door frame.



  • Features & Information

    ETL: Yes

    Warranty: 1 Year

    Package Quantity: 1

    Shipping Weight: 154(lb), 106(kg)

    Freight Class: 100 

  • Dimensions & Capacity

    Width: 21-1/2(in), 546(mm) 

    Length: 32(in), 813(mm) 

    Height: 66-3/4(in), 1695(mm) 

    Tray Capacity: 35

    Pan Size: 18" x 26"

  • Caster Specs & Spare Parts


    Wheel Diameter: 5(in), (mm)

    Tread Width: 2(in),

    Wheel Type: Polyurethane

    Spare Parts: Wheel & Casters

  • Electrical

    Volts: 120

    Watts: 1440

    Amps: 14

Heater proofer - Insulated - 35% energy savings

SKU: PO-75-0321-1836