If you are in the market for a Commercial grade Ice Shaver, stop looking! These commercial quality machines feature stainless steel shaving blades, best-in class performance, a 3 year superior warranty, and an industry leading 1/3 HP motor operating at 1725 RPM's.


This puppy can plow through over 350 lbs of ice an hour. Compare the "Ice Cub" unit to the rest of the competition. . .you won't be disappointed.  It has a reputation for quality and is a leader in the concession industry.


The sturdy high impact construction makes it durable, light weight, and easy to clean. As opposed to a snow cone machine which crushes ice and yields "grainy ice", the "Ice Cub" slowly shaves the ice off the block and produces the softest/fluffiest ice in the industry. My kids loved snow cones until they realized how much softer and smoother shaved ice is.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine Ice Shaver Snow Cone Maker

SKU: PO-12-0413-3
C$955.00 Regular Price
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  • Features:

    • Premium Finish. High impact ABS with brass and stainless steel construction
    • Premium Quality. Utilizes a commercial, heavy-duty motor (1/3 hp, 1725 rpm). Industry Best.
    • Fully adjustable stainless steel blade (replaceable)
    • Block Ice works great. You can also use a common plastic paint bucket to freeze your perfect ice block. If you don't want to buy a bucket, use an old milk jug and cut off the top.
    • 6 AMPS/110V/400Watts
    • Shaves 6 lbs/minute (more than 350 lbs/hour)
    • Commercial Grade. Backed up by Great Northern Popcorn's 3 year warranty!

    Additional Features:

    • The cutting blades are stainless steel so they will last a lifetime.
    • Machine is 15"L x 12"W X 30 1/2"H
    • Weighs roughly 60 lbs.