Great Western 35 oz. White Popcorn Salt 12 / Case

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    • Highly refined and concentrated
    • Enhances flavor and aroma
    • Helps to increase sales and profits

    Popcorn is a staple for any movie-going experience, so shake things up a bit with Great Western white popcorn salt. Whether showing a romantic comedy, an action flick, or a big summer blockbuster, this popcorn salt is sure to enhance every movie-goer's experience. But this delicious seasoning isn't just for popcorn-with no buttery additives, this seasoning can be used to coat nuts and other snacks! This convenient seasoning is highly refined and concentrated, meaning you only need a small amount for the perfect blend of salty flavoring in every batch of popcorn. The fine consistency of white popcorn salt clings to kernels better than regular salt, ensuring uniform taste. Great Western popcorn salt has the taste and aroma that popcorn-lovers expect, without the trans-fat! This popcorn salt will tantalize your customers' taste buds, helping to increase both your sales and your profits!

    See Nutritional Sheet for more information.

    Sold (12) 35 oz. containers per case. 



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