Giles ventless hood system

Model - FSH6

C/W Ansul R102 Wet Chemical Wet Fire Suppression Sytem


  • The compact and simple design of the ventless hood eliminates the need for expensive roof modifications and the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors for separate hood and electrical systems.
  • Our one-of-a-kind, type 1, stainless steel hood provides vapor removal requirements for a variety of food service applications and equipment.
  • The Giles Ventless Hood uses an Ansul R-102A fire suppression system. Our system contains piping, plenum nozzles, and conduit for routing the fusible link cable through the hood. Final installation, charging, and testing of the system must be performed by an authorized Ansul distributor.


  • Note: Ventless Hood Systems are designed for electrical cooking equipment only. See appropriate installation specifications and checklist. Remember to keep your Giles Ventless unit operating at peak-performance with genuine Replacement Filters and Parts.
Ventless Hood, type 1 stainless steel hood with 4-stage filtration: (2) stainless steel baffle filters for large grease particles, (2) disposable prefilters, (2) electrostatic air cleaning filters and (2) disposable charcoal odor filter, use with electric fryers 20kw each max 40kw, ovens max 55kw, griddles max 25kw or range max 25kw, UL, NSF, fire suppression system is not included
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72-11/16" wide, 49-5/8" deep, 74 height


SKU: PO-315-0219-701