SKU: PO-76-333203
  • As the country’s oldest and most reliable maker of commercial can openers, Edlund is an industry icon. Slide the cans to the opener with the Edlund 203 two-speed tabletop electric can opener 115V .

    This two-speed electric can opener features a durable, stainless steel construction which washes down quickly and easily for cleaning. The Edlund 203 can open 4 to 7 cans per minute and up to 50 cans daily. With the Edlund 203's convenient 2 speeds cans of many different sizes can be opened with ease, even sardine cans! The spring-loaded cutting mechanism on the Edlund 203 allows you to open even dented cans. #10 sized cans slide to the can opener and lock into place. Simple single-handed operation means you'll be opening cans in a flash.

    Regular cleaning will prolong the life of the unit. It is normal for knives and gears to wear eventually, so inspect and replace these parts regularly. The Edlund 203 is UL Listed and backed by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty on material and workmanship (does not include wear items such as knives and gears).

    Overall Dimensions:
    Length: 7"
    Width: 5"
    Maximum Height: 12"