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To fulfill the needs of the ice dispenser segment, ITV developed ice and water dispensers capable of dispensing either half or full dice, when complemented by our *SPIKA Modular Cube Series ice machines (MS 440 or MS 880).

Now you can choose from our two models, the DHD 200-30 with ice dispensing capacity or the DHD 200-30 W with ice and water dispensing capabilities. The best options for your hotel, convenience store, self-service, hospitals, schools or wherever your guest requires ice around the clock. Just simply push the chute for easy ice dispensing.

Ergonomically designed by our team in order to accomodate different size hotel ice buckets, with easy use, to maintain and keep clean.

ITV uses stainless steel AISI 304 cabinet, ensuring a perfect look after many years of ongoing use.


  • Summary 
    Dispensing Speed per Second: 0.24 Lbs
    Storage Capacity: 183 Lbs
    Dimensions:  30 3/10” W x 32 9/10” D x 54 1/2” H
    Legs: Adjustable from 6" to 6.5"
    Shipping Carton: 36 2/8” W x 36 4/8” D x 60 2/8” H
    Net Weight: 192 lbs
    Shipping Weight: 209 lbs
    Voltage (Volts/Herzs/Phase)
    - Standard: 115/60/1
    - Available:220/50/1

    Energy & Water Usage
    Watts: 195.5
    Amps: 1.7

    Description: Ice Dispenser
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