Custom made pizza stone for all types of ovens

  • FibraMent Baking Stone Highlights

    Bakers Pride - Blodgett - Garland - Zesto - Vulcan and many more including home units

    • Even heat transfer
    • Quick recovery time
    • Long lasting strength and durability
    • Requires minimal maintenance
    • An ideal cooking surface for Chicago-style deep dish and New York-style thin crust pizza
    • The perfect baking surface for bagels, bread, pretzels, and other bakery goods
    • Available in a variety of thicknesses
    • Stock and custom sizes available for all ovens

    Physical Properties

    • Density, Dry

    124 lbs. per cubic foot

    • Moisture Content

    6-10% of dry weight

    • Thermal Conductivity, K

    5.1 BTU In./hr. sq ft./°F per ASTM C177

    • Compressive Strength

    10.630 psi per ASTM C109

    • Flexural Strength, MOR

    1,535 psi per ASTM C78

    • Temperature Limit, Continuous Use