Curved Lid Display Freezer

SKU: PO-76-360RIOS150
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  • The Excellence curved lid display freezer is designed to maximize sales with its low-profile, high-visibility design. The elegant curved glass sliding doors enable perfect merchandise presentation!

    It also consumes less energy than a comparably sized model thanks to its 2.83" thick reinforced insulation. The ice cream freezer features an adjustable thermostat with a temperature range from 7 degrees Fahrenheit to -9 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Exterior Dimensions:
    Width: 59"
    Depth: 25"
    Height: 34 3/4"

    Interior Dimensions:
    Width: 53"
    Depth: 19"
    Front Height: 24"
    Rear Height: 28"
    Capacity: 14.3 cubic feet