Commercial Juice Extractor Stainless Steel Juicer - Heavy Duty -

This type of Juicer is very popular with users all over the world. It is designed with 5-grade gear transmission for less power consumption, driven by heavy duty motor and controlled by pressing buttons to turn on or turn off.


It has three stainless steel rollers, can crush fruits and vegetables to a perfect result.

This particular model offers a better appearance, and it applies to all kinds of fruit juice shop. It also can be used in home, hotel, restaurant, supermarket etc.






Provides quiet and continuous juice production.

Compact Size, Perfect for Home or Store use

Aluminum casting & stainless steel constructed.

Produces a glass of juice in seconds!

Juices both fruits and vegetables

Perfect for commercial and home use!

Easy to use and clean. And quiet!

Immediate pulp ejection for non-stop juicing

Heavy-duty construction for professional use

Two cutter plate configurations available (patented 16 blades or shredder)



Produces up to 3 1/4 quarts per minute

Adjustable spout (8 different positions) for convenient placement.

Auto stop protected.

Heavy duty juicer for a store or home use.

Rotate Speed: 2800 RPM

Dimension: 250 x 400 x 350mm


Voltage:110V f

Weight: 13KG

Commercial Juice Extractor Stainless Steel Juicer - Heavy Duty

SKU: RX-1117-T


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