• ModelNo. L-1X

This CMA L-1X undercounter dishwasher is a low temperature unit that is made of 304-gauge stainless steel. The L-1X uses only 1.7 gallons of water per 2 minute wash cycle, heated by a sustaining heater, that keeps the water at the proper temperature between loads.

The L-1X washes 30 racks per hour with upper and lower stainless steel wash arms with reinforced end caps. There are built in chemical pumps and a deliming system in the L-1X, which ensure proper chemical usage. Its dish height clearance is 16". It requires a 115V electrical connection.

Width: 24 1/4"
Depth: 23 1/2"
Height: 34 1/4"

For inquiries on this item call Bill (604)-839-4796 or William (604) 831 4798

CMA Dishwasher L-1X Under counter Dishwasher Low Temp