• Includes 54 pieces - everything you need for your own made-to-order pancake
  • Powerful 2-burner butane countertop range for quick cooking; flat griddle for pancakes
  • Food pans included for ingredient storage; freeze packs keep ingredients cold
  • Premium stainless steel base offers an elegant, professional, and organized presentation
  • Great for buffets and catered events



Offer delicious and fresh pancakes with this deluxe butane made-to-order pancake station.

This kit includes 54 pieces to help you make your own pancake-creating station. Whether you make hearty pancakes with apples and cinnamon or opt for the classic chocolate chip, this station is designed to give you an elegant, professional, and organized presentation. This kit includes everything you need to get started right away and takes the hassle out of starting your made-to-order station!

2-Burner Butane Range

This kit includes a 2-burner butane range with a 14" x 23" griddle. Each burner's brass construction is corrosion resistant and stands up to high heat temperatures, providing you with a long-lasting, durable product that resists warping over time. Plus, it also provides superior heat retention to distribute heat more evenly throughout the griddle. This griddle is perfectly flat and makes it easy to make perfect, uniform pancakes.

Professional Presentation

A stainless steel base houses all the components of this kit. It includes (1) 1/3 size and (6) 1/6 size stainless steel steam table pans for keeping ingredients on hand. Plus, (36) 15 oz. foam freeze packs are included to set beneath each food pan and keep ingredients at the proper temperature. The pans settle into the base, supported by its enclosed design.

Everything You Need

Ingredient spoons make it easy to scoop your patrons' favorite mix-ins while the ladles make it easy to scoop batter and fruit sauces. The included turner makes it easy to flip each pancake when it has been cooked to perfection. Just grab your ingredients and get started - this pancake kit has all the components you need to begin cooking delicious, made-to-order pancakes!


Set Includes

(1) two-burner high performance butane countertop range with brass burners or induction cooker 
(1) 14" x 23" portable griddle
(1) stainless steel base
(1) solid turner
(1) 2 oz. stainless steel ladle
(1) 4 oz. stainless steel ladle
(1) 1/3 size, 6" deep stainless steel steam table pan
(5) black ingredient spoons
(6) 1/6 size, 6" deep stainless steel steam table pan
(36) 15 oz. foam freeze packs


Butane or induction cooking buffet station - pancakes -egg - etc

SKU: PO-76