Material:FRP+Steel Plate

Frame:Hot-dip galvanized pipe


Size: 7.55x5.41x7.55 ft         230x165x230cm  (LxWxH)   Weight: 815lb     370KG    


Below is Standard configuration


Standard includes : 

- One wing like sales window 
- Small table on sales window 
- Small tableside window 
- One store rack on the back wall 
- Non-slip Al floor 
- One light on the ceiling 
- 2 bench/cabinets 
- on chassis power connector 
- 4 jacks on chassis 
- Stainless steel store rack on the back wall 
- Number plate holder 
- Number plate light 
- Tail light 

Chassis and frames are made of galvanized steel, both sides of glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRP)
and car paints,front and backboard of double-layer color steel plate with a thermal insulating layer 

All the catering trailers can be customized 
Any size Any color available


Allow 12 weeks for delivery

Bobby 1 Concession Trailer

SKU: RX-011319-CT


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