Size: 26" W x 28.5" H x 28" D Cooking Area: Two 20.75" sq. Cordierite decks | 7.5" deck height


The Bakers Pride® model P48S oven features two baking chambers, each with one Cordierite deck and a 7.5" deck height. The greater deck height of this model allows you to accommodate taller bake and roast items. Each chamber has an independent thermostat and 60-minute, electric timer with continuous-ring alarm and manual shut-off.


This model comes standard with a stainless steel exterior.


  • 208 V or 220/240 V  @4300 watts,
  • 150–500°F thermostat
  • Two high-heat, fully welded, aluminized steel baking chambers
  • 7.5" deck height
  • Two 20.75" sq. Cordierite decks


  • Independently controlled top and bottom incoloy heating elements
  • Two 60-minute, electric timers with continuous-ring alarm and manual shut-off
  • All stainless steel exterior
  • 4" adjustable legs
  • 6' cord and plug on single-phase units
  • Fully insulated


Bakers Pride Electric Pizza Ovens -

SKU: BM-0121-5562