• Adjustable heat shields for cooking efficiency and operator comfort
  • Two 15,000 BTU gas burners
  • 5 - 65 lb. capacity
  • Natural gas or propane


Perfect for gyros, shawarmas, tacos al pastor, and doner kebabs, the Optimal Automatics 3PG Autodoner natural gas vertical broiler is a great addition to any restaurant that serves lamb, goat, chicken, turkey, or beef! This vertical broiler uses two independently controlled 15,000 BTU burners to evenly warm up to 65 lb. of meat, keeping the inside juicy and tender while the outside gently crisps. While the maximum capacity of this vertical broiler is 65 lb., the recommended cooking capacity for best results is between 10 to 45 lb. To give you total control over cooking, this broiler boasts a unique adjustable skewer and a convenient automatic slip clutch that stops the skewer's rotation during slicing for quick and easy carving. It also features adjustable heat shields that maintain operator comfort and allow for faster cooking to maximize efficiency and reduce energy costs.

To ensure proper sanitation in your kitchen, the Optimal Automatics 3PG vertical broiler features a drip pan, drip pan cover, and catch pan to create a reliable all-in-one center for all of your broiling needs!

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 17"
Depth: 17"
Height: 32 1/2"

Auto Doner 65 lb gas or propane vertical broier - donair - gyro

SKU: PO-76-3OG