Minimize waste of water that would normally flow down the drain while people are soaping, lathering, scrubbing and drying their hands by eliminating unnecessary and unattended water flow. Save water up to 70%.

What's in the Box
Touch-free faucet adaptor, rubber washer, hexnut wrench, and quick installation guide.


SKU: eEZ-101
  • "Makes any existing kitchen and bathroom faucet fully automated!"
    Just simply mount the Touch-Free adaptor to your existing faucet. Powered by 4 AAA batteries that can last up to 1 1/2 year.
    New PRO Model


    Turns water on or off without touching anything. Infrared sensor detects movement and do all the works.

    Prevents spreading of flu or other infectious diseases through touching the faucets' handles. Did you ever wonder why one member of the family got sick and quickly the rest got sick too?

    Full Control:
    Controls water temperature and flow by adjusting the existing faucets' handles any time. Just set the water temparature & flow and leave it on. Override On/Off Switch lets you turn water on or off manually.

    Save Money:
    Conserves water by stopping water running when not in use automatically and instantly.

    Brand New 2007 PRO Model Improved Features:

    • Compact Design - 20% smaller size than the previous model.
    • Side Mount Design - Increased more than 30% of the working space below the sink area.
    • Improved Infrared Sensor - Detects faster and precisely with Point-N-Lock technology.
    • Low Energy Consumption - Increased battery life up to 1 1/2 year (Powered by just 4 AAA batteries).
    • New Battery Compartment Design - Easier to open and close the battery slipcover.
    • Softer Touch Button - Better manual on/off control.