• Features a powerful 3 hp motor with a quick 50 ft. per second cutting speed

  • Great for heavy-duty use, with a full stainless chassis, head, and work table for long-term use

  • Includes a sharp 94" long blade 3 teeth per inch with maximum cutting dimensions of 14" x 10"

  • This floor model is intuitive to operate to achieve precise cuts on meats like beef or lamb

  • Built with a safety shut-off switch and blade guard; 220/240V, 2200W, 3 hp, 3 phase

Easily and precisely cut meat with the help of this 94" blade stainless steel floor model vertical band meat saw.

Boasting a razor-sharp, 94" long blade with 3 teeth per inch and 3 hp motor, this vertical band saw can cut through all kinds of meat for perfect portioning and presentation. Due to its max cutting dimensions of 14" x 10", this meat saw can handle thicker portions of meat with ease, making it the perfect addition to your butcher shop or deli.

Best of all, because this is a floor model unit, it provides a perfect working height so workers can use it all day long without strain.



    ETL Sanitation

    This item meets the sanitation standards imposed by the ETL, a division of the Intertek Group.

  • ETL US & Canada


    This item meets the electrical product safety standards imposed by
    the ETL, a division of the Intertek Group, for use in the United States
    and Canada.




    This product must be hardwired; it does not plug into a standard wall outlet.


Optimal, Precise Performance


Designed with your convenience in mind, this blade has a cutting speed of 3011 ft. per minute so you can work quickly through even the toughest cuts of meat. For optimal results, use it to cut fresh meat and bones.


If you're looking to cut frozen meat, be sure to use a blade for cutting
frozen meat (sold separately), and make sure the blade is adjusted and set in the proper position. Precise and consistent cuts can easily be achieved with the built-in adjustable fence, which can be locked or unlocked with an intuitive, hand turn locking knob.

Enhanced Safety


This saw features an open-chassis safety shut-off switch, which will activate if the saw is opened while turned on. This ensures safe use for inspection or while replacing the blades. The blade guard also protects users from cutting themselves accidentally and features an extra-long
side handle to safely open the guard while the saw is turning on, in use, or shutting down.


Simple, Efficient Use


To cut, simply put your product on the pusher plate and then slide it through using the handle to safely push your food through the blade. The pusher plate ensures that users don't have to handle items too close to the blade. To ensure the safety of your staff, consider also having them wear cut-resistant gloves (sold separately) as an extra precaution when using this saw.

Durable, Easy-To-Clean Construction


This saw boasts a sturdy stainless steel construction designed to offer lasting use. Plus, the full stainless steel chassis, head, and work table are easy to keep clean and maintain over time. It can even be wiped down at the end of the night to keep it clean or taken apart for special deep cleaning.


Our meat saws allow you to boost efficiency in your high output butcher shop or deli! Watch the video to learn more about these durable, powerful units.


Enhance the efficiency of your butcher shop or deli with Avantco meat saws! Available as either a 65” blade countertop unit or a 94” blade floor unit, these saws feature durable carbon steel blades with three teeth per inch for creating quick, clean cuts. Their thin designs also reduce waste by up to thirty percent! Two and four teeth per inch blades are also available for purchase, allowing you to have precise cuts.


The blades have heat-treated tips, meaning fewer change-outs, but when you do need to swap out blades, it’s easy! Loosen the tension nob at the top, replace your standard blade, and you’re set!
Our Meat Saws are specially made for high output commercial establishments. Each saw features durable, full-body stainless steel construction. The countertop and floor units have powerful motors, fast cutting speeds, and impressive cutting dimensions. For consistent results, turn the easy-to-use locking nob and adjust the built-in fence to your desired thickness.

For added safety, these units feature a blade guard and an automatic shut-off switch that activates if you open the chassis while the saw is on. The floor model even comes with a push plate for superior handling and protection.

Overall Dimensions:

  • Width: 31 9/16 Inches

  • Depth: 29 1/4 Inches

  • Height: 68 3/16 Inches


94 Blade Stainless Steel Floor Model Vertical Band Meat Saw - 3 hp, 220/240V, 3

SKU: PO-76-0221-177EMBS94SS