Product Description

In the process of producing fried foods, the quality of frying oil will gradually decline after being used for a long time. And foods fried by this oil will blacken easily and have high oil content, excessive acid and peroxide values which can greatly affect its taste.

Therefore, frying oil must be replaced after being used for some time, but, frequent replacement of frying oil will increase production costs.


We offer you this FRYING OIL FILTER, it can solve all problems above, extend the hours of use of frying oil and save oil costs. As a high-quality machine with small size, light weight and high stability, it is suitable for fried food production plants, fast food restaurants, supermarkets and other places with great needs.

      • Brand new condition
      • Comes with a stainless steel lid
      • Noise level is less than 80dB
      • With user-friendly pushing handle, one can easily move the machine
      • The large chamber that holds up to 40L(10.5 Gallons) of oil
      • Stainless steel body, safe, durable and easy to clean
      • Made of silica gel, stainless steel mesh layer and Teflon material, the oil filtering hose has good heat insulation and corrosion resistance
      • Equipped with overload protectors, circuit breakers and fuses, triple-protect the safety of machine and operator
      • Air plug design, can easily clear power cords up and save space
      • With the insurance network, prevents impurities from accidentally entering the machine and causing the pump to jam
      • Food grade silicone gasket, high temperature and corrosion resistance
      • Mecanum wheel with lock prevents the machine from moving freely
      • Constructed of the oil outlet valve, easily discharge oil residues in the oil filtering hose
      • Widely used in restaurants, supermarkets, factories and other places with great needs
      • Voltage:110V / 60Hz
      • Oil Capacity:40L 80LBS
      • Item Dimensions:590 x 342 x 345mm / 23" x 13" x 13.5"
      • Filter Area:0.13㎡
      • Dealing Capacity:≤40L / 10.5 Gallons
      • Item Weight:25KG / 55LBS
      • Total Power:300W
      • Oil Temperture:120-180℃ / 248-356℉
      • Noise level:≤80dB
      • Filter Aid:1pc/ once
      • Filter Paper:1 pcs/ once


    40L Oil Filter Oil Filtration System Cart Filtering Machine 80LBS Fryer Filter



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