1998 Wells cargo


We can modify the equipment for this unit....add or delete

21ft long 8.5 wide
8500 lbs approx weight
2 axles

×4 Nice newer trailer heavy duty tires
×4 nice wheels + ×2 spares
Storage on roof w/4 electrical outlets
Installed handle stairs to climb to top storage and change signs.
×10 28"×24" Removable signage (just put your own pics on signs )

×2 25 gallon propane tanks
×3 propane valves
30 amp 220 Watt electrical receptacle
×14 double 110 plugs

5 foot Hood with exhaust fan
Ready for suppression hook up

×2 stainless tables
×3 customer windows
×3 flip down customer counter

×1 sandwich prep table
×1 Commercial fridge cooler
×1 Freezer

Shelves storage cupboards
×1 10.5ft outside diamond plate window cover
×1 8ft diamond plate window outside cover

×3 14×10×10 deep wash sinks
×1 15×16 hand wash with ×2 stainless sides
Soap dispenser

Hooks throughout to secure items when traveling


Fire extinguisher

30w×24d Empty spot for another fridge whatever you need


35" extra wide door
Extra security iron for ×2 padlocks plus the door locks also
New flooring

×2 Electrical panels
50amp 220 service with extra heavy duty long electrical cord
Electric water heater
Plus propane instant hot
×2 6 volt new batteries

×1 commercial faucet plus extra tall spray facet too fill large pots or spray dirty dishes
Dc water pump
Fresh water tank
Grey water tank
×2 more Extra outlets under sink
Switches from city water to pump with one switch

×10 outside 110 plug outlets
×2 ways to add water

×3 stabilizer jacks

Lots of diamond plate on every corner and all around
Tail lights work
Trailer breaks on both axles
Runaway trailer brake system
Solar panel to keep batteries charged

Led lights inside and under outside window doors for bright lights without electric service
This trailer can run without electric service except for the fridges and freezer

(You'll have tons of inside lights outside lights to light up your outside menus under both window doors.


Your water pump will run on battery and your instant hot will heat water instantly when you turn on your faucet )

With 3 propane valves inside your equipment will also be serving your customers in a field or parking lot, school function. Baseball game, events, non-profit, county fair, street fair,
Art show, Saturday markets,

Street corner or food truck pod!

21" Wells Cargo Concession trailer

SKU: RX-0518-OR


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