200 lb. Waterproof Digital Receiving Bench Scale

SKU: PO-76-166EQB200W
  • Ideal for busy shipping docks, outdoor markets, manufacturers, and other bulk sales areas, the 100/200-W 200 lb. waterproof digital receiving bench scale is the accurate, reliable, and fast solution for all of your weighing needs! This scale features a hermetically sealed indicator to guarantee reliable performance in humid or dusty environments. It can also toggle between kilograms and pounds with its precise readout to deliver the versatility and pinpoint accuracy you need to ensure that your shipments disperse and come in at the expected weight

    . And thanks to its rechargeable 90-hour battery, you can be sure this unit will stay powered for days at a time, even without a nearby outlet.

    Designed to withstand the heavy demand of a shipping dock, this waterproof scale features a large 19" x 15" platform and tare function that allows you to individually weigh products as they are packaged for bulk transport. The backlit, alphanumeric LCD screen is adjustable and mounted on a tower behind the scale to clearly show the weight of portioned items, even in dark areas.

    The 100/200-W digital shipping and receiving bench scale is NTEP Approved and comes with a power supply. Please consult the Specification Sheet for additional details.

    Readout Measurements:
    100 kg. x 0.02 kg.
    200 lb. x 0.05 lb.

    Width: 15"
    Depth: 25 7/16"
    Height: 23 1/2"
    Platform Dimensions: 19" x 15"



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