SKU: PO-125-SLG100
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  • New Feature
    Anets Pulse Ignitor

    ·  AA Battery operated

    ·  No electrical required

    ·  Just press and hold, no more repeated pressing

    ·  Rapid spark matchless start


    • Stainless Steel front, door, and trim.

    • 150,000 BTU from FOUR tubes.

    • Easiest model on the market to clean.

    • Unique heat tubes provide 14% more heat transfer.

    • Easy to service.

    • Stainless basket hangers lift off for cleaning.

    • Cold zone in bottom prolongs shortening life.

    • Large 1 1/4" ball-type full port drain valve prevents clogging.

    • NSF and ETL approved.

    • Gas connection is 1/2" NPT

    • No Electrical hook-up required

    • Temperature Range 175-375 degrees

    • Safety Pilot Valve

    • Cast iron burners

    • Stainless Steel fry pot

    • Shortening capacity 100 lbs.

    • Frying area 18" x 18"

    • Shipping weight 200 lbs

    • Warranty 1 year parts and labor, Stainless frypot 5 years pro-rated

    • Two fry baskets

    • 6" adjustable legs

    • Drain pipe

    ·         ON LEGS - ADD $98.00 FOR SET OF FOUR CASTER

    Add $198.50 for gas hose kit - quick disconnect and restrainer included

    Produced by Anetsberger Brothers, Inc who have been building fryers in the USA since 1926. They are best known for their donut fryers. Now they are building an affordable general purpose fryer. It is an affordable fryer that does the job. The heating system has been engineered for maximim efficency and cleanablity. Using two burner tubes equipped with computer designed radiants, this fryer achieves maximum cooking capacity with 150,000 BTU of power. The unique shape of the tubes allows easy access to all areas of the frypot. A center mounted snap action thermostat responds quickly to fry loads. The SLG100 is built to perform, easy to clean, and priced to purchase today.