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1.3 Gallon (5 Liter) Hot Beverage / Hot Chocolate Dispenser

SKU: PO-76-177DHC13
C$1,120.00 Regular Price
C$932.90Sale Price
  • Width 11 Inches
    Depth 16 Inches
    Height 18 1/4 Inches
    Amps 8.3 Amps
    Hertz 60
    Phase 1
    Voltage 120 Volts
    Wattage 1,000 Watts
    Beverage Type Hot Chocolate
    Capacity per Compartment 1.3 gal.
    Hot Water Faucet No
    Number of Hoppers 1
    Temperature Settings Adjustable

    Customer questions about this product

    Can I make hot chocolate in this machine?

    No. This dispenser should not be used for mixing ingredients or making beverages from scratch. It is to be used exclusively for holding and dispensing pre-mixed hot beverages.

    What is the maximum temperature setting on this dispenser?

    For best results, do not set the temperature dial on this dispenser past 85 degrees Celsius (185 degrees Fahrenheit). Higher temperatures may affect product quality and also cause damage to the machine's internal components.


    Keep your sweet hot chocolate stirred and ready to serve to your guests by incorporating the  1.3 gallon hot beverage / hot chocolate dispenser into your beverage service lineup! This hot chocolate dispenser features a large 1.3 gallon tank to hold all of the hot chocolate you need and can even be used as a countertop hot water dispenser.

    This features a Bain Marie heating system that keeps the product at the correct serving temperature. An interior rotating paddle keeps the product consistently mixed and heated for the best customer experience. The easy-to-read, adjustable thermostat lets you set the temperature up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping your hot chocolate in that optimal serving temperature range of 160 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

    This hot chocolate dispenser features a stainless steel boiling tank and heating element, making it easy to clean and sanitize. Plus, the anti-clogging faucet design prevents down time and makes sure your customers always have access to your hot beverages. 

    The front rod on the faucet prevents clogging, and can be adjusted depending on the thickness of the product you are dispensing. A drip tray with a float indicator prevents messy, dangerous spills in case of accidental drips or splashes from overfilled cups. The overheat sensor and reset button also allow for safe operation by preventing the unit from overheating and causing injuries.

    -Anti-clogging faucet-Easy-to-read, adjustable thermostat-Rotating paddle ensures product consistency-1.3 gal. (5 liter) capacity-Clear bowl allows product visibility-120V, 1000W, 8.3 amps-A cord and plug are included-CE Listed
    120V, 1000W, 8.3 amps. A cord and plug are included.

    Overall Dimensions:
    Width: 11"
    Depth: 16"
    Height: 18 1/4"
    Capacity: 1.3 gal.

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